Defining Theta in Theta Healing

Published: 27th July 2010
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Theta is referred to as one of the various level of the human brainwave. In performing theta healing, it is critical that the practitioner is under the state of theta in order to do the process properly and effectively. Theta brainwave cannot consciously be achieved and controlled by a normal person without proper knowledge and practice of theta healing methods.
This process is scientific as well for EEG machines can prove that theta practitioners are actually in theta level during the healing process. There are a lot of books out there you can read on if you want to know more facts about the topic. There are websites devoted to theta healing as well.
When the brain is in theta state, adjectives such as dreamlike, fantasy and imaginary comes into mind. These are usually the feeling of people that can attain this level of thought. It is in the theta state where the mind is most active in terms of creative thinking, intuition, meditation and recalling. Theta brainwaves are able to reduce pain and stimulate the release of the endorphin hormone. People achieve theta brainwave in between waking up and falling asleep.
Before the discovery of thetahealing by Vianna Sibal, achieving this state of mind will take 20 up to 30 years. Now, it can only take the practitioners a few seconds. Through this method, they can connect with the Source of the universe as well as work with the subconscious. It can heal a person of diseases in the quantum level of being.
Thetahealing is not only able to heal on the physical level; it can also heal on the emotional level. It can even alter your beliefs. A human being is like a sponge, he is able to suck in the information that is fed to him. If a person allows a person to remove a belief and replace it with a new one, it can be done at the theta level.
Much like radio frequencies, our brain has frequencies of its own called brainwaves. In deep sleep, the slowest brainwave is achieved known as delta. During meditation, when you are at rest and you focus on only one thing, your state of mind is in alpha. During full activity, the mind is in beta. The moment between waking up and sleeping is the theta. This is the state wherein thetahealing can occur.

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